Mission: To serve as a voice of empowerment for adults who are seeking to improve their literacy skills.

Hello there! Thank you visiting our site. Here at the Wayne County Literacy Coalition, Inc. (or WCLC), we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.  Who do we serve you ask? Great question! We are a non-profit organization that works directly with adult learners right here in Wayne County, Indiana. Our main focus is to raise adult literacy skills and help promote the value of reading and writing in general. We accomplish these goals by actively recruiting and training volunteers to support the organization, by providing adult learners with the individualized tutoring they need to succeed, by interacting with the public directly at various community events as well as on social media, and by raising money to further support these efforts. Every dollar counts and every volunteer matters.

Will you join us?



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Wayne County Literacy Coalition